Meet UMI, the Lo-fi R&B Songstress Capturing the Human Experience

Seattle born, LA based singer/songwriter UMI is poised to become the next unstoppable R&B songstress à la Jorja Smith. A student at University of Southern California, the songwriter incorporates a mix of alternative neo-soul, R&B and lo-fi production seamlessly into her work in a way which feels, at once, both timeless and timely.

While the timeless feel to her tracks reveals a certain maturity often unseen in young artists, the timeliness of the work presents a fresh and topical amalgamation of genres. Her latest song, "Remember Me," serves as a perfect example of this duality. Although reminiscing on past love is a classic subject, used many times in the past, UMI reinvents it for modern R&B.

"Remember Me" flawlessly highlights the universalism of love lost, the lyrics revealing her to be an exceptionally self-aware and daringly empathetic writer. Along with the release of the song, UMI also debuted "Remember Me" with a music video, highlighting that universalism by portraying couples of different race, class, and sexual orientation. She said, "the message in the video, for me, is that no matter who you love or how you love, we all hurt the same in the end."

Beyond her masterful lyrics, the song itself is a testament to her talent as a vocalist, her voice effortlessly gliding over the melodies. Her laidback approach is self-assured, humbled and soothing to the ear. This is complimented impeccably by her trademark lo-fi production.

Her sixth single in the span of about a year, the young writer has revealed herself as a wildly dynamic artist with each release. With her biggest hit, "FRIENDZONE," she showed a more pop, dance music side and with "Butterfly," UMI stuns with sultry, sexy vocals. Ultimately, UMI's ability to gracefully capture the human experience is what sets her apart and makes her one to watch.  

Author: Kristin Robinson
October 17, 2018
 umi  soul  r&b