Mia Gladstone Is Embracing Love & Empowerment With “GROW” [PREMIERE]


Alt-pop artist Mia Gladstone returns with her new attention-grabbing single "GROW," flowing over the kinetic beat with words of strength, love, and compassion.

With energetic instrumentation and resonant vocal phrasing, "GROW" is a rhythmic profession of self-love. The looping samples, syncopated drums, and brassy horns make for a crafty arrangement that's reminiscent of a 90's hip-hop track. As a person "so divine like universal love," Gladstone sings of empowerment and speaking her truth. A lot of emotion was put into this song, with Gladstone saying:

“My life feels like a series of ups & downs…'GROW' captures how I feel in my most euphoric state of mind. I felt empowered, proud, and eager to sing over the beat I had made & 'Baby I grow like a flower' was the first phrase to come to me. Even in my lowest state, I can recognize that I am made of love and the world is built on love, no matter how far removed from that feeling I may be, because I have GROW. We're all about the growth mindset, anti-fixed.”

"GROW" emphasizes the fundamental cornerstone values are formed upon, and that's love. Without love, how could we nurture and grow into better humans?

Mia Gladstone centers herself on freedom of expression, unity, and love. Music has served as her primary outlet throughout her life and uses it as an outlet to showcase these virtues. She is a liberated, yet grounded, force continuing to live and grow on this amazing musical journey. 

Don't miss on what this radiant force has in store. Listen to the track above and be sure to presave "GROW" via Level here.