Michael Calfan Lists 8 House Bangers He’s Spinning On Repeat [Tables Turned]


Michael Calfan has been spinning records for the masses since 2008. Influenced by Daft Punk and Modjo, the French DJ has been delivering hard-hitting, electro-house party starters like "Twisted Bitch" and "The Bomb." Calfan has worked every genre into his mixes, from the more EDM styled build-ups and drops in "Black Rave" to the R&B and gospel samples in "Prelude." Refusing to shy away from new and innovative ways to reinvent dance music, Michael Calfan's goal has always been to get his audience to surrender their minds, bodies, and souls to the music.

Continuing his quest for creating great house music, Calfan came into 2018 fully loaded. Releasing a series of singles starting with "On You" all the way up to his newest release "Sydney's Song," the creative DJ is keeping it light and fresh. Utilizing bright synths and modern funk vibes, Michael Calfan is uplifting his audience through his evolving sounds. His journey as a DJ is ongoing and reflective of his musical growth in every song.

We chatted with Michael to get the inside scope of the best house music resonating throughout Europe. Discover some of the latest and greatest club tunes below to get your body rockin'.

Kenny Hawkes, Louise Carver - "Play The Game"

I sampled this for my track "On You." The original is such a tune!

Fisher - "Losing It"

It's crazy because I discovered this record when I was touring US; back in the day no one knew it in Europe. I checked Fisher's Instagram, and it was already quite strong. A few months after, it came to Europe! Now everyone knows it!

Melé - "The Beyonce Track"

Mele is an upcoming producer from U.K. and one of my favorites at the moment. The drop has such an impact in clubs in Europe; they absolutely love it! Club banger.

Constantia Mom - "Finger"

Mr. Fingers 2018 vibe; very nice! It's the typical sound people love in key cities like Paris, London, and Berlin. I play this in underground or VIP clubs.

Lee Foss, Eli Brown - "Freak You Right"

Techy-garage vibe and very groovy.

Planningtorock - "Beulah Loves Dancing"

Absolute banger. There is such a vibe in this record. I love to play this kind of stuff at pool parties.

Ross from Friends - "Pale Blue Dot"

There is a big moment for lo-fi house in Europe and it's one of my favorite tracks in this style at the moment.

Brame & Hamo - "Roy Keane"

Love the old school vibe of this record, it's the perfect record to close your set.