Mija Delivers More Than ‘Just Enough’ With a Double-Sided Bout of Introspective Dance Music


Calling Mija a DJ or producer feels slightly off the mark. The OWLSA-affiliated artist first got her start crafting the heart-racing bangers that personify much of the mainstream electronic scene, but Mija belongs as much to the world of adrenaline-pumping electronic music as she does the realm of experimental left-field pop. Her latest EP, Just Enough, sees her embracing that other side for an entrancing bout of introspective dance music.  

Comprised of two singles, "I Hope to Cure Myself of You" and "Dead Flowers & Cigarettes," Just Enough at times feels a lot more like an emotional confession than a two-sided dance record. Opening on the aforementioned "I Hope to Cure Myself of You," we are placed in a sparse yet varied world of far-off sounds. Our only guidepost throughout this sonic reflection is Mija's vocals, which blurs the line between spoken word and softly-sung verse. Musing on notions of obsession and morality above a beat that never quite gives way to the growing intensity underscored in Mija's empathic vocals, the end result is a five-minute piece of dance that could be championed as sonic art.

Much like its counterpart, "Dead Flowers & Cigarettes" is pulsating with an unrelenting, restrained energy. While Mija's vocals take on a more whispered tone, the intense emotional undercurrent remains. The comparisons to artists like Jamie xx, Burial, and even Björk come easily and readily. Yet, "Dead Flowers & Cigarettes," and all of Just Enough for that matter, is uniquely Mija. Despite the artist's claim that "This is not a poem," it may as well be. Mija's work is as multi-dimensional as she is, existing as a perfect fit for dancefloors and meditative, solitary listening.  

Listen to Just Enough below: