Minden Has Created The Perfect Formula For Indie Pop Magic

Casey Burge, Candy Sweets Taylor, Evan Houston, Papi Fimbres and Lia Lavendar are Minden, the Portland-based band that's popped up on our radar more than once as of late…and we're definitely not mad about it. 

While their debut record Exotic Cakes was released in 2013, it's their recent tracks that have really caught our attention. So far, we've heard "Real Sugar," "Artist Statement," "Love Is Bad," & "Sheila" from their sophomore album quite-appropriately titled Sweet, Simple Things. Combining sparkling synth-pop with infectious grooves and an indie foundation, all four songs can be described as nothing but pleasant. "Love Is Bad," in particular, deserves honorable mention for its witty lyrics and captivating, dreamlike production.

Sweet, Simple Things is due Aug. 5 via Hit City USA–pre-order the vinyl here