Minke Explores Human Connection and Disconnection in “Maybe 25″


It's funny how small moments can unexpectedly lead into the realm of the grandiose. Minke's "Maybe 25" is one of those grand musical moments that found its origin in the seemingly trivial. Minke, the British singer, songwriter, and musician has released only two previous singles but has already developed an avid fanbase, a testament to the way the rising artist's voice and message connect with those lucky enough to hear it. Seamlessly blending elements of alt-rock, R&B, pop, and understated electronic production Minke's sound is as infectious as it is reinvigorating.

Minke's latest, "Maybe 25" is a slow-burning track that delves into the seeming contradiction of existing in a world where people are simultaneously at their most connected and disconnected. The tracks opens in relatively unassuming fashion, showcasing Minke's ever-impressive delicate vocals that speak volumes. Minke's voice swells as the surrounding instrumentation continually grows until it feels like it cannot long be constrained, bursting forward into the realm of the power ballad. It's an appropriate culminating moment for a song that speaks directly to a core aspect of human relationships.

Minke spoke further on the underlying meaning of "Maybe 25," sharing,

"It was originally inspired by my fleeting past experiences with online dating. As I started to write, it became less and less about that and more a general observation on connection. We've never been more connected but disconnected at the same time. It's made us more insular, less open to having a conversation with a stranger and maintaining eye contact for more than a second without looking at your phone. So, it's about longing for something more than that, whatever that is. Something real in a seemingly disposable world. Questioning if that's still possible. Questioning if it's got the better of you too."

In crafting a song that explores human connection and disconnection, Minke has managed to create something universal. A singular sonic moment in time that is magnetic and commanding. 

Listen to "Maybe 25" below.