Moontower Releases Second Part to William’s Tragic Love Story, “Leaving You Behind”


Southern California natives Moontower are welcoming newcomers and fans alike with their new single, "Leaving You Behind." Come as you are into this surrealist community with Jacob, Tom and Devan. 

The dynamic trio first met as music students at USC, writing songs and building custom staging and lighting before starting artist project Moontower. The name derives from the Moonlight Towers in Richard Linklater's "Dazed and Confused." Their debut single, "William" gained instant feedback with over 200,000 plays on Spotify. It's about a young man from suburban town on a quest to rescue the love of his life.

Now, Moontower is releasing part two of their debut single called "Leaving You Behind." In this song, William learns that unrequited love will haunt you no matter how far try to run. The chorus will get a crowd dancing with its gritty bass and chanting harmonies that compliment the melody. The guitar lines are sweet in the verses, then become more aggressive and tenacious in the chorus and outro. During the second verse the vocals come to the forefront of the song, giving the listeners a more intimate experience. These guys have succeeded in creating this surrealist experience with this wild arrangement.

Enjoy part two of Williams story, and engulf yourself in the sunshine pop that Moontower offers.