MOONZz’ “Navigator” Asserts Love As  A Journey, Not A Destination


Powerhouse vocalist MOONZz returns to lift our spirits with "Navigator," an electronic pop crossover single co-written by her close friends OPIA and produced by up and coming producer Restless Modern.

MOONZz details a journey in the intimate track. "Navigator" explores instinctual, spur-of-the-moment decisions that encourage us to take risks, go the distance and keep driving–even though at times, we're not sure where we're headed. MOONZz' voice is the light illuminating the sky, and her lyrics the fuel that create a visual representation of the story she sings about.  She shared,

"'Navigator' is about jumping head and heart first into the journey of love- not knowing where it'll take you, but trusting that if it's real, it doesn't matter where you end up, as long as you end up there together."  

Since the release of "Satisfy" in 2015, MOONZz revealed her debut EP Trust Cycles, landed in three Victoria's Secret Ad Campaigns and sold out her first show in LA. "Navigator" marks the singer's first original material in 2017 and the first piece of her anxiously-awaited second full-length album set to arrive later this year.

 Take a listen to "Navigator" below!