Most Anticipated Albums of Summer 2014

It goes without saying that this week marks two of 2014’s most anticipated album debuts starring Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour and Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence. But the waiting isn’t over just yet (thankfully, since anticipation is always fun). Here are a couple more albums that we literally can’t wait to get a hold of before the summer ends. 

Jungle - Jungle 

The ultra-low key musicians behind Jungle could probably make a second career of being secret operatives for the British government. They’ve released just a handful of groovy funk jams to send listeners buzzing into a curious frenzy - but have hardly let on anything about themselves. Thankfully, the time for hearing the rest of what is likely to be an epic album is nigh: you can now pre-order Jungle online in advance of its July 15 release date via XL Recordings. 

Broods - Untitled

We spoke with the New Zealand sibling duo recently and they made it known they were ready for their album to come into the world at the end of summer. For now, we fend off the anxiety with their excellent eponymous EP. 

Jenny Lewis - The Voyager

A week ago, we got our first taste of Jenny Lewis’ upcoming album, The Voyayer, the first solo release of hers in nearly 6 years. Since then, the Beck-produced song, “Just One Of The Guys,” has been haunting our dreams, leaving us with a desire to know more about how whether time has altered or tampered with Lewis’ whimsical, hilarious mind. We’ll find out come July 29. 

BANKS - Goddess

There’s no denying that Jillian Banks is an inferno waiting to fully deliver her fire. Since the release of her LONDON EP last year, the Los Angeles singer has been taking new fans down with each new teaser track from her upcoming album, Goddess. Our recent favorite includes the album’s title track. The big reveal comes September 9.