MUNA’s First North American Headlining Tour Kicks Off This Week


MUNA, the fiery, fierce trio of women hailing from Los Angeles, are just about to kick off their first ever North American headlining tour. Their tour, spanning 17 cities and two major music festivals (so far), starts at The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles today, February 1st.

The tour falls perfectly with the band's debut release, About U, set to come out on Friday, February 3rd. With six songs and a handful of releases on Spotify racking up over 50 million streams, band members Katie, Naomi and Josette have been preparing for this release for over a year. Not only is each song self-written, recorded and produced, but each song has received positive acclaim from fans and critics alike, naming them "A band on a mission" for their activism for LBGTQ youth and Black Lives Matter.

Every song that MUNA has released so far has a deep message: "Loudspeaker" is about being able to speak up for yourself, "I Know A Place" discusses the concept of a safe place for those who feel lost and disenfranchised from society (and was later dedicated to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting), and "Crying On The Bathroom Floor" is about leaving an abusive relationship.

While it's up in the air whether or not About U will be a success, it's likely that MUNA will continue to make powerful music that speaks about societal and political issues, which is an action worth respect on its own.

See list of all their tour dates below: