Music Surfacing from the Upside Down: Introducing Post Animal


If you are currently looking for a heavy psychedelic music hole to fall into, Post Animal is a safe place to land. If somehow you fail to become instantly hooked with their sound, discovering that one of the guitarists is none other than the leading heart-throb Steve Harrington from the hit '80s sci-fi series Stranger Things will do the trick. It is not just his glorious hair that makes you fall in love with this band, it is the fact that their whole discography is incredibly binge-worthy, comparable to the modern-day  psychedelic kings Tame Impala and Mac Demarco.

As of late, Post Animal has dominated the Chicago music scene. The close-knit community connected them to other rad artists who love cultivating the local music scene: Twin Peaks, Whitney, The Orwells, Ne-Hi, White Mystery, and more. Another element that makes this band awesome are their honorable musical inspirations, including the likes of Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, Nazz, & America. Listen to Post Animal below.