MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: G.Smith Uncovers The Beauty Within Destruction in “X”


The voice can be considered the most powerful and versatile instrument. G.Smith's "X" is an exemplary testament to this notion. Transforming her voice with stunning and experimental production, G.Smith crafts a sonic expression that brings her raw and powerful emotional vision to the forefront. From the guttural rumblings, the deep exhaling, the chopped vocals, to the exquisitely sung vocals, G.Smith has populated "X" with herself in such a way that it reverberates out a sense of raw humanity with unparalleled intensity.

Now, G.Smith has matched this already powerful sonic expression with an equally moving visual accompaniment. G.Smith was kind enough to share the process of making the "X" video with us,

“I produced, directed, shot, and edited the music video for 'X,' and it's basically a visual and sonic tantrum. I tried to convey the notion of feeling like a ghost in a relationship, and despite your best efforts, you’re not able to be seen. It’s sad, but the destruction is also a process of starting over, so all the mess looks pretty too.”

The video for "X," much in the same vein as its sonic accompaniment, is hauntingly mesmerizing. Avant-garde in nature, and masterful in intent and subtlety, G.Smith highlights the intricate production elements backing "X" while maintaining the sense of unrestrained expressionism that is undoubtedly present. The whole piece exudes a sense of emotional and artistic catharsis, discovering beauty within loss and destruction. 

Watch G.Smith's self-produced, directed, shot, and edited video for "X" below: