Music Video Premiere: Set Mo feat. Fractures - “Comfort You”

When you hear the word "comfort," what do you imagine? Everyone has their own definition of comfort, a vision that typically involves those who are closest to their heart and a calming environment of their preference. 

For Set Mo, comfort means escaping the cyber world to frolic in a beautiful nature oasis with a dear childhood confidant. That's precisely what we witness in the Sydney-based duo's new music video for "Comfort You," on which they comment:

The idea behind the track both lyrically and musically is about being there to help someone in a time of need. We wanted the relationship portrayed in this song to be subjective as all people experience these connections in different ways. We utilized the video to extend the meaning of the song. We wanted to allude to how overuse of social media/technology in this busy day and age can leave a person feeling isolated and lonely despite our major cities being more densely populated than ever. The video highlights how the strength and longevity of a great relationship can overcome any obstacle to provide comfort in a time of need.

In this simultaneously melancholy and happy-go-lucky portrayal, scenes of solitude and loneliness are juxtaposed with nostalgic memories of carefree childhood adventures. Melbourne songwriter/producer Fractures' soothing voice carries the video to an eventual happy ending, where old friends are reunited and free to recover that familiar comfort they once had.

Watch the video above exclusively on Ones To Watch today, and keep up with everything Set Mo here



Director & Editor - ETHAN SMART

Cinematographer - LIAM O'BRIEN

Technical Director - STEFCE MILESKI


Photographer - MIKAELA SHIELDS


Starring - Sally Hang, Samantha Brown, Bobby Lee Debuse, Jasmin Congdon