MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Space Cadets Takes To The Desert For Stress Relief In  “Way Too Loud”


While the silly blonde wig, one dollar bills, and jokester antics in Space Cadets' new music video may lead you to believe that their music is simply laidback and lighthearted acoustic rock, there is much more than meets the eye. The Los Angeles trio was born from the disillusioned sentiments of Zachary Wexelman, Dan Creed, and John Cocco, and "Way Too Loud" is a bold declaration of their anger and frustration.

The reggae-tinged acoustic track is one of three songs featured on Space Cadets' third and most recent EP, Let The Kids Play!. Their sound is reminiscent of late Sublime with more hints of acoustic guitar, blues grooves, and a dash of hip hop lyricism. In the music video, we watch as the guys get picked up by a bizarre Uber, which leads to a mind-opening trip to the desert–where all great enlightenments tend to take place for us SoCal residents. 

The line, "Speak softly and wield a big stick," makes subtle references to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy circa 1900. As Wexelman sings of the overwhelming voices in his head, there is a clear connection to the "big stick" ideology of practicing caution and non-aggression, backed up by the possibility of violence if necessary.

The band commented,

“'Way Too Loud' is a song written out of frustration. It comes from the dark place within where hate, apathy and feelings of worthlessness fester beneath the surface. While it does not offer an antidote for the brokenhearted, it does provide an outlet for the struggle against anger and mortality."

Your first look at the "Way Too Loud" music video is below: