MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE + TEXT MESSAGE Q&A: Nightly Unveils “Talk To Me” Noir

Some bands appear to be just a bunch of guys in dirty t-shirts and ripped jeans standing in a row next to a random dumpster–but that isn't the case for one of our fave synth-rock duos, Nightly. The guys have worked tirelessly to make sure their music ties into a whole world of imagery–they've swapped out those random dumpsters for mysterious hotel rooms and cafes, given us cinematic glimpses of mysterious lipstick marks on coffee cups, and shared little bits of text messages from whence their name derived: Nightly = "night ly" in text speak.

We've already written about what it's like to see the guys live on tour, which is another whole visual unto itself. But Nightly's digital world is like candy for the eyes, just as their music is for the ears. Their Instagram provides a further glimpse inside their "world,"–with titles of songs written on bathroom mirrors and their infamous "heart" symbol which appears as "<3" in both artwork and on fans faces IRL.

Nightly's new music video for "Talk to Me" is like a short film from inside the Honest EP–mashing up all that darkness, mystery, and lead singer Jonathan Capeci appearing and disappearing just as someone would pop in and out of your life via text message. Your first look at the new noir-like short film for "Talk to Me" is below.

In order to stay "on brand" with the guys, we decided to do our interview entirely via text message–so follow along as Jonathan talks love, tattoos, and new music below. 

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