MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: VON GREY Renders A Stunning Vision of Loneliness in “6 AM”


The underlying common thread to some of greatest works of art is a multi-disciplinary approach to creating the final product. In the case of music, this means that a song is not just a song–it is a thoughtful combination of lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation that support the band’s unique visual style, artistic vision, and overall brand. Sisters Annika, Fiona, and Kathryn of VON GREY score a ten out of ten in the multi-disciplinary approach to their latest single, “6 AM,” which requires a 360-degree understanding of lyrical depth, multi-instrumental production, harmonic vocals, and as of today, visual accompaniment, to full appreciate the track at hand. To simply call “6 AM” an “electronic pop song” would be a grave minimization to the trio’s multi-layered and deliberate artistic vision.

In “6 AM,” the Atlanta-based alt-rock trio incorporate a layer of wide-appealing pop sensibility without foregoing the overarching dark, ethereal essence that has come to define them. The song comes to life in the new music video, a sensational depiction of the three siblings’ stages of loneliness during a time of “exemplary rawness and needing” when facing “the decision-making process of choosing love over stability,” as Annika told NPR. We witness dramatic reenactments of subdued fantasies as empty beds and bathtubs are surrounded by lush vines and slow burning candles, all while the protagonists are symbolically chained by the power of loneliness.

VON GREY shared more on the creative process behind the music video,

“We’ve been blessed with so many amazing collaborative opportunities, but creating our 6 AM video alone was an exceptionally freeing process. Having full, unbridled creative control really allowed us to be personal and uncompromising with our visuals. Taking the conceptual, filming, and editing reins allowed us to create something intimate and completely ourselves - we are very excited to share this little piece of VON GREY.”

Your first look at the “6 AM” music video is below: