MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Walker Lukens- "Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Don't Wanna Leave You Alone)"


Photo: Daniel Jackson

While Los Angeles functions as the face of the music industry, Austin may very well serve as its beating heart. Aside from hosting the annual SXSW Festival where thousands of newcomers and veterans alike gather to celebrate musical artistry, it's also the site where serendipitous run-ins between fellow creatives tend to occur in a more organic and genuine manner. Case in point: Walker Lukens met Jim Eno at an Austin bar, which naturally led to the Spoon drummer producing Lukens' highly-anticipated sophomore album.

“Don’t Wanna Be Lonely (Don’t Wanna Leave You Alone)” is one of the standout singles from the upcoming album, Tell It To The Judge, set for a Sept. 22 release. Ones To Watch has your first look at the very entertaining music video for "Don’t Wanna Be Lonely," an unabashed depiction (and resistance) of modern loneliness. We watch as Lukens observes various lonely '70s diner patrons, all of whom are in his band, The Side Arms (Kyle Vonderau, Zac Catanzaro, Mckenzie Griffin, Grant Himmler). As time stops for a moment, Lukens acts as the fairy godmother who influences greater indulgence in the simple facets of happiness– social interactions, love, and a good 'ol fashioned pancake. 

Walker Lukens shared with us,

“The video examines the character of loneliness as imposed by modernity in contemporary American culture, simultaneously seeking to problematize the latent virility of the suited and bespectacled male all the while confronting perhaps the pressing omnipresent anxiety we face today: why does Walker Lukens like playing dress up so much?"

Pre-order Tell It To The Judge here, and catch Walker Lukens live on his upcoming tour dates here.