National Hermit Day Playlist: 20 Songs to Transport You Somewhere Else


(Pictured from left to right: Bearcubs, Ayelle, Porches)

Today marks National Hermit Day. It is a day as mysterious as its subject matter (is there a Hermit union we're painfully unaware of?). Whatever the reason for its existence, Hermit Day provides a moment to reflect in seclusion. However, that does not mean you have to spend that meditative time in complete isolation. Arguably, the best way to truly enjoy time spent alone is with music that takes you somewhere else entirely. After all, what is the purpose of music beyond to provide an escape, literal or figurative.

It is with this thought in mind what we have rounded up some of our favorite atmospheric works of sonic art that will transport you into another realm entirely. So, put on your headphones, wrap yourself up in a blanket, make sure that do not disturb placard is on the door and hit play on our playlist to drift on away.


Shallou - "Begin" (feat. Wales)

Yoste - "Blue"

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - "405"


Panama, Petit Biscuit - "Waterfall"

Golden Vessel, Emerson Leif - "Hesitate"

Hundred Waters - "Blanket Me"

SAENS - "Wind Turns Cold"

Mallrat, Allday - "UFO"

Henry Green  -  "Shift"

Japanese Wallpaper - "Breathe In" (feat. Wafia)

Harrison Brome - "Father Figure"

Bearcubs - "Underwaterfall"

Tontario, Lucas Nord - "Rewind"

Ayelle, Calper - "Stay Calm"

Kllo - "Nylon"

IDER - "You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You baby"

Promises Ltd. - "Dreams"

Zimmer - "Moonrise"

Porches - "Leave the House"