Natty Reeves’ Debut EP Engulfs Us in Somber, Guitar-Driven Jazz


Natty Reeves is strumming on our heart strings with his new EP, Siren. Combine his calming and melodic voice with his acoustic guitar soundtrack, and we are whisked off into the diary of a heartbroken hero. This UK-based musician includes his first three singles, "Good As Gold," "Your Mind" and "How Can I Say Goodbye?" and he adds two new tracks called "Another Boy" and "Stuck Without You." 

I couldn't help but think about Reeves reeling from a break-up, holed up in his Bristol apartment, thinking of nothing but his feelings and pouring them onto the page. His music is so raw that you can practically hear the teardrops on his guitar – Taylor Swift coined it well and like Taylor, Reeves writes to get over fallen lovers.

One of Reeve's newest tracks, "Another Boy," places us in a jazz bar in Chicago, with a man playing the most eloquent saxophone solo that soothes any worried souls. It warms us to our core, while Reeves vents about his ex moving on.

"Now I'm lying in my bed wishing I was someone else," he sings. We feel for him, as his jazzy sounds blanket us in bliss. He brings to light a universal feeling that is often taboo, of wanting to change to please people that don't want us. Some may call it, unrequited love. I call it being human. Reeve calls it, "When I try my best to be better than the rest, you still push me away." He tries to change, but that doesn't please her. So he tries to remind himself, "We're better off on our own." 

Another one of Reeve's masterpieces is "Stuck Without You," with Bon Iver-esque synths and instrumental perfection. We see more of that longing for love, and he talks to us about what he could do to get the object of his affection. But we remain optimistic, in awe of the song's beauty and elegance. This song is like reading his deepest darkest secrets in his diary, as the guitar strumming draws us into his intimate feelings. 

Natty Reeves' new EP leaves us with open hearts and an open window into the inner workings of the budding artist. 

Listen to pieces of Natty Reeves' diary below: