New Artist Discovery: 6LACK


6LACK is living proof that artists can thrive only if they are given complete creative control over their own work. After five long years of feeling "owned" by a label that wanted him “to just be a hit song and [he] wanted to show them [he] was more than that," 6LACK is owning the music he was meant to make all along: raw and honest hip hop. 

For three years, 6LACK found himself releasing music in secrecy as to avoid legal issues with his label contract. Things took an upturn when he was recruited to LoveRenaissance (LVRN), the collective behind fellow Atlanta-based artist Raury. "They understood that music is so much more than just making hit records and they understood everything I wanted to establish with my brand," 6LACK wrote in the lengthy letter on his website

Once 6LACK was finally set free, his music reaped all the benefits: "Bless Me," "Loyal," "Ex Calling," and "Prblms" are all manifestations of his forward thinking, hypnotizing beats, and relatable verses about tumultuous relationship problems. Listen to all four songs below, and follow 6LACK for more.