NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Ambar Lucid Is a Bilingual Dream Come True


Ambar Lucid has only a single official track on DSP’s but with that track alone, she has made us an eternal fan. The Latina 17-year-old New Jersey-based artist is fully-deserving of being championed as a songwriting savant. With the power of just her ethereal voice and delicate acoustic strumming, she springs new worlds into life.

While the Lucid has only officially released "A Letter to My Younger Self," the bedroom-produced track is rife with mesmerizing depth. Her stunning use of wordplay that speaks to deeply profound human intricacies is made apparent in the song's opening lines. Singing, "I've just seen a ghost / The memories I hate the most," and lingering at the end of each culminating word ties the thoughts together the thoughts in such a brilliantly tragic way. From the outset, Lucid demonstrates her innate talent for weaving together subtle inflections and meticulous word choice into a larger, overarching story.

A self-taught producer, guitarist, pianist, and ukulele player, in addition to a songwriter, her prowess for drawing forth a wellspring of emotion from simple string plucking is something of note. It is difficult with this song alone to select only one element of Lucid's that is most deserving of praise, but it may have to be the ease which she slips between Spanish and English, while still retaining the same essence of resounding sonic beauty. The bilingual artist fully embraces her Dominican and Mexican descent to deliver a listening experience that feels free of borders yet fully celebrates those unique cultural identities.

In a similar vein of Mon Laferte or Kali Uchis before her, Lucid feels destined to bring a distinctive and much-needed new voice to the world of music. Truly, "A Letter to My Younger Self" in and of itself already feels like such a grand offering to today's music landscape that we cannot even imagine what the young artist has in store for us next. However, with that in mind, if there is one thing we could ask of Lucid, could you please release more music soon, because we simply cannot wait.