NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Ambient Electronic Producer Owsey Demands Your Attention


Owen Ferguson was born in Northern Ireland. Owsey, as most will know him, is a relatively quiet and mysterious guy. His music does the talking though, and it does way more than chatter. You see, music's purpose is to translate feelings, to evoke emotion. If it makes you want to dance? Dance! Cry? Then let it rain! 

Owsey makes the kind of music that is perfect for very certain occasions. If you find yourself staring outside on a rainy day, thinking the night away in bed at 12am, attempting to finish some tasks, or even going on a late-night drive, his music stirs up quite the mood. His productions create a moment of vulnerability that many can't ignore. Amassing a decent sized fan base, the independent artist has provided a musical safe-haven for thousands of listeners worldwide.

Spread across all streaming platforms, I actually found the producer in a very organic fashion. I was trying to do my homework and stumbled across a large "chillout" channel. The title of his tracks provoked me to check them out, and I instantly fell in love. The way he is able to tell a story through the combinations of folk, orchestral, classical, and electronic music really moved me. I had never resonated with music of this kind before.

It's beautiful, powerful, impactful – so many words I can use to describe the Irish-native's genius. "Unique" is probably the most appropriate adjective. His music isn't the most popular; it's not what you would find at top of Spotify's "New Music Friday" playlist, but there's space in everyone's hearts for the brilliance that is showcased by Owsey.  

When asked in an interview with EARMILK "What kinds of feelings/emotions do you strive to evoke within the listener?," he replied with 

"I can hope their intuitions pick up the intentions of my music, but ultimately I don’t mind if they get an entirely opposing reaction to my own. If they get something, anything, it’s a bonus. For me, I try to write music for the tales and ideas in my head. Coherence between image and sound is something I’m fond of, as I’ll always say."

He isn't one dimensional either – he'll tackle trance, deep house, pop, stringing together various sounds to make it HIS. Nonetheless, he is truly a generational talent; his records have created a lane of their own and they deserve every bit of exposure they've. Thank you for sharing your art, Owsey.

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