NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Biig Piig Is the Dreamy Neo-Soul Lyricist You’ve Been Waiting For

There is something really special about the music that emerging artist, Biig Piig, is creating. The 20-year-old Irish born songwriter from Hammersmith, London, is owning a sound uniquely her own. Blending jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul, Biig Piig operates through a haze of smoke entrancing listeners with a free-flowing cadence. A natural ability to weave between rapping and singing, Biig Piig is in a league occupied by few.

Born Jess Smyth, Biig Piig credits a drunken freestyle at a friend's house party in 2015 as the start of her music career. Releasing a trio of songs on SoundCloud the following year, Biig Piig grew an audience eager for more. It would only take two years for Biig Piig to go from freestyling at house parties to debuting singles at Berlin's COLORS Studios. Her stand out single, "Vice City", generated huge exposure for the young songwriter, leaving new and preexisting fans awestruck.

Utilizing the momentum from her COLORS debut, Biig Piig released, "24K," a two-and-a-half-minute declaration of unwavering love, in early March 2017. The video for the single would be released four months later and mark the last time we would hear from Biig Piig for quite some time. It wasn't until March 2018 that Biig Piig broke her silence, taking to Instagram to announce the trailer and single from her upcoming project, Big Fan of the Sesh Vol. 1.  

Biig Piig released the first installment of her EP trilogy, Big Fan of the Sesh Vol. 1, on April 27, 2018. An avid explorer of different mediums, Biig Piig released a four-minute music video alongside the EP that featured edited interludes of each song. Set in London, the video follows Biig Piig as she tries to cope with the new reality of her lost love. The video perfectly encompasses the faded, washed-out aesthetic and sound of the project giving listeners an accurate visual representation of the EP's story.

The five track, eleven-minute EP is an impressive debut from the young London based artist. Listen to Big Fan of the Sesh Vol. 1 below as we patiently await the release of the second installment. I think it's safe to say that Biig Piig has only just begun.