NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Cailin Russo is Commanding Attention With Music Over Modeling


Cailin Russo's Spotify page only shows three songs, which may seem like a small number until you glance at her Soundcloud feed, which shows only two of them. A true example of quality over quantity, however, Russo's turning heads with her soulful vocals and airy sound as she lines herself up for breakthrough success in 2018.

"September Rose," the first of Cailin's three singles, was released last March and is a hazy groove about experiencing the right relationship at the wrong time. "Late September rose, you can't grow here / now wash away the sweet words from your mouth" she croons on the chorus, before bringing in the drums to complement her forlorn lyrics with a relaxed rhythm. The brooding, single-shot video with French subtitles matches the song's mellow mood as well, only showing us the back corner of her head as she stares at the TV static in front of her.

In another life, Cailin's jazzy, stirring voice could have made her an excellent lounge singer à la Amy Winehouse or Norah Jones, but instead she chose the model route and has already achieved impressive career milestones in the field. She's appeared in two Justin Bieber videos, "All that Matters" and "Confident," and has modeled for brands such as American Apparel in the past. Transitioning to the music industry wasn't much of a stretch for her, however - her father, Scott Russo, was a member of punk rock band Unwritten Law and introduced his daughter to the microphone early on. While her father introduced her to rock & roll legends such as Smashing Pumpkins and Sublime, she found herself diving into the realm of soul and jazz while growing up in San Diego, eventually writing her first song at age sixteen using her father's home studio.

Since then, Cailin's pen has only grown stronger, and music has become her main career focus. Her latest track, "Pink Sand," is much more upbeat and carries an irresistible bounce as she sings about laying on the beach with her lover. Opening with steamy lyrics accompanied by a lone acoustic guitar, she commands the listener's attention from the jump before bringing in the rest of the instruments to fill the soundscape.

The California native already has a name for her following; she calls them the "Rose Gang," settling on the name after getting a small tattoo of a rose on the side of her finger. As a model, Cailin naturally keeps a careful eye on her aesthetic, and calls her style "eclectic." With an energetic, carefree personality to match, she's never afraid to express herself through fashion, showing off many of her best outfits on her regularly updated Instagram account.

Expect a lot of new music from the soulful singer in 2018, with her debut album likely on the way. Until then, treat your ears to her impressive singles thus far, and check out her Spotify playlist for a glimpse into her own music library.