NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Calum Scott Won’t Be Dancing On His Own For Long

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and British singer-songwriter Calum Scott seized the opportunity unlike any other. 

In 2015, he nervously watched as his sister failed to impress the judges on Britain's Got Talent, knowing he would be auditioning next. When it was his turn, he took a deep breath, calmed his nerves, and sang a stunning rendition of Robyn's 2010 hit, "Dancing On My Own." It was so impressive that he received a standing ovation from the audience and all four coaches, and even managed to get Simon Cowell to hit his golden buzzer, creating a viral moment.

The video of his audition kickstarted his career, but it nearly stalled when the singer was shockingly voted off the competition, exiting without a record deal. Of course that didn't stop the ambitious singer–he continued to work on his music and songwriting skills over the past year.

Without a record contract, he recorded "Dancing On My Own" and released it independently. To his surprise, the song gradually gained a following and became a massive hit. The song also helped the then unsigned singer land a record deal with Capitol Records. Since then, the music video for "Dancing On My Own" has acquired more than 100 million views!

Most recently, Calum Scott released the follow up, a track called "Rhythm Inside" from his upcoming debut album. Whereas "Dancing On My Own" is a slow ballad and cover, "Rhythm Inside," is an mid-tempo original that captures the first feelings of falling in love. With this song, he showcases his versatility and we're looking forward to hearing his debut album in the next few months, and fingers crossed that it's followed by a tour.