NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Dylyn Rocks Hard on New Single, “Wolf”


As we venture deeper into 2018, it's important to recognize that music trends can go in two different directions. We may see music being formulated to cater to a specific sound and style that is widely approved of and consumed. We also may see a musician's desire to stand out and create music that doesn't play by the rules. While neither option is inherently better or worse than the other, it is important to understand the way that music in consumed will continue to change as technology advances, hence what is considered "cool" is always fleeting.

With that being said, the development and sustainability of the rock genre is one that is worthy of discussion. The genre has been dominated by men for years, but pioneers like Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and Janis Joplin have paved the way for females in rock to succeed. Artists like K. Flay, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker continue to explore sounds in rock without catering to the current pop rock formula that is developed for radio hits.

Women in rock have continued to gain more exposure, which leads me to introduce a new face of the genre. Gwendolyn Lewis, who releases music under the stage name DYLYN, is a rising rock artist from Toronto who has continued to build herself a fanbase after releasing three tracks in 2017 and maintaining a fanbase of over 300,000 across her social media channels.

Her new song, Wolf," addresses the feelings of rebellion and anger after a difficult break-up and the nature of wanting to turn your feelings off. The track starts strong with sounds reminiscent of Muse's "Uprising," and the themes of, well, an uprising - and the start of a rebellion - make the song feel well-rounded and easy to relate to. You fall for my faking / deception is innocent / like lightning, it makes it exciting"

DYLYN's work on "Wolf" allowed her to identify feelings of being "reckless and rebellious" and gave her the chance to address different emotions that come with breakups. She also enjoyed the process of "incorporating 80s synth and punk garage style drums" that meshed well with her deep vocals - a way of "mixing old with the new."

Her debut EP, Sauvignon and a Kimono, will be released on February 23.

Listen to "Wolf" below: