New Artist Discovery: Elley Duhé Is The Future of Pop


Outside Alabama lies a coastal island known as Dauphin Island, and it is on this island that Elley Duhé is currently crafting some of the most irresistible pop music in recent memory. The emerging pop artist currently only has three singles to her name, but every one of them has the makings of yet to be discovered radio hits.

Elly Duhé's first single "Immortal" is the type of song that lends itself to becoming an instantaneous favorite from the first listen. Its hip hop style production matched with Duhé's powerful vocals causes "Immortal" to demand one's immediate attention, and its infectious nature is clear. Despite being a first release from a relative newcomer to the scene, "Immortal" caught the attention of notable DJ duo Snakehips who tackled the single for a future bass remix of their own. Following up "Immortal," Duhé teamed up with producer Tarro for her sophomore single "Millennium," which saw a more subdued yet still equally as powerful Duhé's vision of a pop hit. The track served as a notable testament that the emerging star has the capacity to occupy a wide space within the genre, as more understated production allowed greater space for Duhé's voice to take the spotlight.

Her third and latest single, "Fly," feels like the natural culmination of her singles up until this point. "Fly" opens on light production, allowing for Duhé soulful voice to take center stage, before the production surges for the chorus that Duhé rivals in equal measures as she bounces across the newfound backing beat with a vivacious sense of confidence. "Fly" rises and swells with evident precision that allows for both Duhé and the production to shine. With three sensational tracks under her belt in 2017 alone, one can only wonder what the future may hold for Elley Duhé.

Keep your eye out for Elley Duhé in the near future and listen to her below: