NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Escape Into Dodie’s Storied, Musical World


Dodie has a special gift for writing songs that tell stories. This twenty-two-year-old artist is a singer/songwriter from Epping, England. She started growing her fanbase on YouTube, giving her fans an intimate look into her life. Her YouTube is proliferated with vulnerable videos about creating both a wide spectrum of music that spans a range of emotion.

Dodie's recent You EP peaked at number six on the UK Album Charts. It was well-deserved, as each song emanates with a completely a vastly unique thought process. The opening song, "In The Middle," is about the feelings associated with her ex meeting a new partner. Right after that, "6/10" plunges into a resonant piano and rolls through with a gorgeous string quartet. "6/10" is about all the insecurities that come with being dully average and the fear of not being wanted. The most well-known song, which went viral both on YouTube and Spotify is "Sick of Losing Soulmates." This hit can bring person to tears, due to the way it tackles the hardest part of being in love: the potential of losing that love. It's accompanied by a heart-wrenching video on her channel, depicting see two people going through the ups and downs of a relationship. 

Dodie's music is an honest treasure. She is able to convey a wide spectrum of emotion and mold it into a perfect musical creation. Dodie is going on tour this fall, so grab your tickets while you can!