NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Faze Wave Paint An Aural Dreamscape For The Ultimate Escape


For the past few years, Faze Wave might have been a tiny drop in the ocean, in regards to their criminally underrated status in indie rock. However, after kicking off the year with a pair of stunning singles, things are about to trend upward for the four-piece band from Jacksonville, Florida.

Faze Waze came into fruition in 2014 when longtime buds Matthew Flynn (singer/guitarist) and Zachary Stickler (drummer) started writing music together in Zachary's grandmother's house. As their local momentum grew, they enlisted bassist Hunter Hielman and guitarist Jacob Nemeth into the group, turning Faze Wave into a full-fledged band. After a pair of EPs, the group self-released their debut record, Melt, in 2016.

Melt is an 11-track endeavor which includes the single "Makeout," which has garnered over a quarter million Spotify streams thus far. The track features swirling, dreamlike melodies, and a festive spirit that would easily impress anyone on their first listen, assuming they fancy surf-rock music with unmistakably earnest lyrics. If one doesn’t dig deeper, however, they may be quick to dismiss Faze Wave as another surf-rock band consumed by beach-y vibes, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, the quartet easily employs invigorating, multifaceted sounds alongside their youthful outlook on Melt.

If the promising debut was any indication of their talents, their new songs show them further realizing their potential. The first single that followed up Melt was 2017's "Chemistry," which displays true exuberance and elation right from the opening chords. There's an immediate indication that a heavy surge is rapidly approaching, not only within the song, but also representing the trajectory of this young band's career. Their swirling guitars mixed with reverb-laden melodies are a sure bet to electrify every inch of your body. The chorus, "Did you notice? / The movie’s on / And the sound is off / And the lights are all wrong," paints the portrait of thinking you have it all figured out, but as soon as one thing becomes out of sync, a domino effect takes over.

2018 has provided us two new singles from Faze Wave, "Leagues" and "Suburban Boy." The former track is pure ear candy, starting off with the lyrics: "I guess I figured you were done / Not on your own but on the run from all my tries to get you into me." Frontman Matthew Flynn is not afraid to show his vulnerability toward rejection on the song, allowing it to connect with listeners. As "Leagues" progresses, the idea of this type of refusal from another doesn't weigh as heavy as it once did. In fact, the emotion switches from feeling rejected to simply being redirected.

On "Suburban Boy," Flynn's vocals ache for something slightly out of reach. It’s there, just barely eluding his grasp, but may as well be a million miles away. Featuring wistful lyrics and ethereal guitars, the tune is stimulating on all fronts - mind, body, and soul.

From the echoes that tap into shoegaze, dreamy rock with lyrics reminding you of what is to be young and confused, the place Faze Wave is heading is filled with splendor, wit, and charm. The direction of these new songs will pull you in, take you for a spin, and send you off with a euphoric state of mind. Considering just that, the potential for a full breakthrough is swiftly becoming more obtainable, so long as they continue on the path they’re paving at this very moment.  

Faze Wave will have a new EP this year, along with tour dates to be announced soon. Stay tuned with all the latest updates on their Facebook page.