NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Freya Ridings Enters the Summer With an Anthem of Honesty


Freya Ridings is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from London who possesses a voice that commands your attention. The airy, deep resonance imbued within her voice is something that lingers in your mind all day. Her single "Lost Without You" is a song about regretful goodbyes that intensifies throughout its entirety. Ridings' latest endeavors have seen her releasing two exquisite full-length live albums, recorded at St. Pancras Old Church and the Omeara. These two albums are intrinsically special, because of how the rawness of her voice and the authenticity of Ridings as an artist seems as if its coming right through the speakers. Much like her predecessors before her, Birdy and Hozier to name a couple, she continually demonstrates her prowess for transforming crooning into an elegant, emotive experience.

From her live albums, Freya Ridings has extracted a song to produce as her latest single, "Ultraviolet." This song is gracing the world not as a summer jam but as an anthem of honesty. As she was getting ready to release “Ultraviolet,” Ridings expanded on the underlying meaning, explaining, "['Ultraviolet'] is about the parts of ourselves we believe we have to hide. When those secrets are not only seen but loved by someone who sees the light and also the darkness in you, it's the most profound and beautiful thing." Ridings' deep sense of honesty and candidness as a writer is just another reason why she is an artist to watch. She invites the listener into the backstory of her creations, allowing for a true connection with her fans. The result is a descriptive and raw experience, brought about by her emotionally-driven musical storytelling. 


This summer you can find her on tour, while she continues to put out more music. Ridings is showing her voice and songwriting skills to the world at large and we can't wait for more.