NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Jess Connelly Is Making New-Age R&B Under a Nostalgic Lens

Perseverance personified, Jess Connelly is showing the world the benefit of doing things your own way. The 25-year-old Aussie-Filipino singer is crafting new-age R&B under a nostalgic lens. Combining steamy vocals and sultry basslines, Jess Connelly is part of a growing wave of talent emerging from Southeast Asia.

After graduating high school, Jess Connelly moved from Australia to the Philippines to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Under the impression that it would lead to a music career, she began working as a TV personality appearing on a number of reality shows. Frustrated with her situation Connelly fired her manager and began focusing all her time on writing and recording music.

The release of a collaborative EP with local Filipino producer, Crwn, marked a turning point in the young artist career. The four-track EP titled How I Love was released in early 2016 and successfully began eroding the TV personality stigma once associated with Connelly.

A year after the EP's release, Connelly began exciting fans by releasing the first single from her highly anticipated mixtape, JCON. The sexy bedroom single, "Turn Me Down," quickly became a fan favorite garnering over one million plays on Spotify. Needless to say, people started paying attention to the moves Connelly was making.

Connelly released a total of five singles prior to her debut mixtape, JCON, on August 23, 2018. A conversational style drives the project, encompassing listeners in a wave of intimate lyrics and lush, hypnotic production. Speaking on the subjects of love, lust and heartbreak, the Aussie-Filipino singer has crafted a sound reminiscent of R&B icons, Sade and Aaliyah.  

Jess Connelly has endured a long, grueling journey to reach this point and now is capable of withstanding any adversity thrown her way. Her steadfast convictions and sheer determination prove that the talented young songstress isn't going anywhere anytime soon.