NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: lemin. Earns Her Spot At The Table With Intimate ‘hold A’ act 1 & 2 Projects


Noted for her bright pink pixie cut and cheeky style, lemin. is a new artist with a lot of layers. The Toronto-based songstress first became popular on Soundcloud with her songs "Better For You" and "Your Friends (Interlude)," and has since expanded her artistry to new heights. Lemin. walks the walk when it comes to having full control of her music, as she has either produced or co-produced every release thus far.

Lemin. specializes in simple tracks which pack a punch, often featuring minimal production and her emotional vocals front and center. Her latest releases come in the form of two EPs, hold A: act 1 and hold A: act 2, both of which are named after that familiar green "A" button on a video game controller whose function is acceleration. Though the EPs share the same cover art, they differ in theme and attitude.


Hold A: act 1 paints the picture of a broken woman, revolving around topics of heartbreak, ache and longing. Lemin.'s subdued vocals are soaked with pain, never flashy and never overly dramatic. She uses vocoder and synthy production on the breadth of the project, the most popular singles of which are "Up & Up" and "Cookie Dough Skin." Lemin. puts a spin on the ballad, creating her own pensive concoctions that emphasize lyrics and emotion.

Hold A: act 2 dives into the healing process following the end of a relationship and topics of self-discovery. Lemin.'s most popular song, "My Body," is featured on this part of the project, sitting at almost half a million streams. She released a visually striking lyric video for the song as well. Think a softer and more muted Billie Eilish. 

Though she's just getting started, lemin. earns her spot at the table with established artists with her sophisticated sound and ability to share in her personal quest for self-realization. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming show dates from the up and comer, and remember, when life gives you lemin.s, add them to every playlist you've got.