NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: New Zealand’s L.A WOMEN Will Infiltrate Your Conscious with Sultry EP


New Zealand trio L.A WOMEN kickstarted their careers with the independently released debut single “Hurricane Love.” The song was very well received and entered some reputable playlists on Spotify, including NMF, Indie Mixtape, Chilled Afternoon, and Indie Pop playlists. Now, the band released their major label debut, I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors, on Sept. 7.

The EP is a wave of pop-infused R&B tracks that open the senses to a collection of hiding emotions. Each track acts as a facet of raw, untouched beauty in hope, love, and despair. The soft tune “Hurricane Love” creates a juxtaposition between production and melody. The lyrics soar like a seagull riding the sea winds, while the production pulls you in and out of the eye of the storm, such as love can do. The next track, “Call on Me,” carries a downtempo vibe that examines the moment when you’re finally ready to decide on each other, beckoning to the other person, “You’re all I want.” Describing “Conscience,” singer Jake Schdroski states:

“The song is a romanticized reflection of my experience with partying, alcohol, drugs, and all things that take a toll on my conscience.”

The visual for “Conscious” uses hints of blurring, low light, and sensual coloring to accent the feeling of having your mind unfold when it’s under the influence. 

Continuing through the EP, “All Night” captures the vulnerable feeling of having your eyes gaze upon someone who could really be the one, and the only thing you can think to do is hold them close, while “Count It Up” featuring New Zealand’s fastest growing electronic act SACHI, instantly pulls you in with its funky bass line and catchy chorus.  

Listen to the new album below: