New Artist Discovery: Nilüfer Yanya


Rarely does a talent come around that seems to exist outside of time and space. Nilüfer Yanya is that rare breed of talent–crafting a sound that evokes the essence of jazz and R&B greats before her but is wholly and uniquely her own. This is the sound of a music that has not yet been created.

Nilüfer Yanya is a 22-year-old Londoner who is beyond effortlessly cool. From being taught guitar by The Invisible's Dave Okumu, to covering the Pixies, to opening for Broken Social Scene, the young star appears poised to be the next big thing in the indie scene. Nilüfer's effortless brand of coolness extends to her music as well.

Planet Feed, her latest EP, speaks volumes in its simplicity. In "The Florist," Nilüfer delivers a straightforward indie-rock number backed by purposeful guitar riffs and hypnotic far-off drums. While the next track, "Golden Cage," finds Nilüfer suspended in a smooth R&B soundscape punctuated by a dance-inducing brass section. Yet, "Sliding Doors" employs a series of Nilüfer's layered vocals to craft an emotionally haunting pop song. The one interconnecting thread present in all these songs is Nilüfer herself. As an artist, she seamlessly shifts from distinct sound to sound with a sense of cohesiveness and meticulous precision that utilizes scarceness as a strength. Not a single sung note, guitar riff, hand clap, or drumbeat feels arbitrary or unwarranted. Instead, every aspect of every song gives off the impression of being carefully selected to draw upon its utmost strengths. If there is one complaint that can be made of Planet Feed, it is that there is not more of it to appreciate.  

Look out for more of Nilüfer Yanya in the future and listen to Plant Feed in its entirety below.