New Artist Discovery: Scottish Newcomer Lewis Capaldi Radiates Emotional Sincerity


Lewis Capaldi emerged on the scene seemingly out of nowhere to immediate and rapturous fanfare, and it only takes one quick listen to see why the response has been so intense and welcoming. Despite having released only two singles thus far, "Bruises" and "Lost On You," every ounce of Capaldi's music radiates pure, raw emotional sincerity. This is music belonging to an artist who is entirely comfortable exposing himself completely, and in doing so crafts a musical experience that is remarkably intimate and beautiful.

In many ways it is difficult to fathom that "Bruises" and "Lost On You" are the soulful products of a 20-year-old singer-songwriter out of Scotland. Yet, when looking at the humble sentiments behind Capaldi's music, it becomes all the clearer how the young artist produces such purely genuine music:

"All I want is to not release something completely shit, and the response to the tunes makes me feel like I’m doing okay so far."

And if the response is any indication, the artist has succeeded in doing just that, with his first release "Bruises" garnering over 13-million plays in the matter of a couple months. Lewis Capaldi is as humble and sincere in his statements in his statements as he is in his music, and this is one of his greatest strengths. Foregoing any unnecessary instrumentation or frivolous production, Lewis Capaldi presents just his powerful voice and the piano, leaving himself completely vulnerable for an honest and real emotional connection that is not often seen with most of today's artists.

Feel the emotional connection for yourself below with Lewis Capaldi's "Lost On You" and "Bruises:"