NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Soulful Storyteller Patrick Droney Is Ready to “Stand and Deliver”


New Jersey native Patrick Droney made his pop-soul presence known this year with the release of the single "Stand and Deliver." Less then a month, later his debut self-titled EP was released and has been already listened to over one-million times. At only 26 years old, Droney is ready to emerge as Nashville's next leading act.

Droney attended the coveted Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, then took those skills and moved to Los Angeles to focus on songwriting. He went on to place numerous songs in many major network television shows, subsequently attracting the attention of Fender, who made him their go-to artist ambassador. In the fall of 2016, Droney relocated to Nashville, Tennessee and quickly immersed himself in the skilled songwriting community there.


During a sleepless night after moving to Nashville, Droney wrote the first verse of "Stand and Deliver." He shares some of the lines and what he did next:

"It was the longest night / Of the darkest year / The one you learned that life can go and disappear." "The next day I went to Kevin [Griffin]'s house and after a deep dive on life, love and loss we wrote the rest of the song together."

Kevin Griffin, Droney's writing partner, knew immediately that they had something special on their hands. That Nashville touch was just what Droney's music needed as its brilliant lyricism was already a standout. His gifted guitar riffs deliver the right amount of soul to each song as if it were its own story just waiting to be told. His self-titled EP comes with another lyrical standout "Brooklyn," a song about what it's like to not talk to someone who was once so present in your life. The haunting guitar line will have you feeling an absence even if there wasn't one to begin with. Droney's debut EP is a talented work many years and late nights in the making.

Patrick Droney is wise beyond his years and it's reflected in his storytelling, and we can't wait for what story he will tell next. For those of you lucky enough to be in or near Los Angeles, you can catch Patrick Droney at the Moroccan Lounge with Molly Kate Kestner Oct. 3. Until then, let Droney's striking debut EP keep you company.