New Artist Discovery: Sunni Colón


He dubs it "Art Rock" on each song's SoundCloud tag, and while is it certainly art by definition, Sunni Colón's music sounds more like a modern-day reincarnation of '70s psychedelic funk–with a dash of R&B flair. 

Listening to any of his songs transports us into a magical land where rainbows glisten on the walls, unicorns roller skate on the clouds, and every man who walks by has the swag of Diddy with the voice of Frank Ocean. The 25-year old hails from Los Angeles, where he likely picked up the groovy vibrations that tend to flow in the beach-y air. His latest album is titled Thierry Disko, which "began while I was living in my car in Los Angeles,“ he recently shared with i-D. Well, Mister Colón, we are thoroughly impressed with your makeshift creation, as well as the newer releases.

Get a taste of Sunni Colón's music below, and follow him for the full resume