NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Texas Rap Collective PNTHN Is a Growing Juggernaut with Plans of World Domination

Top L to R: Tony Tone, Kenny Casanova, DC4Prez, TwoHorizonRa, Jedi Chancellor, Pink Ranger

Bottom L to R: Por Vida, YD, Otto, Romby (not pictured)

After winning the Best New Rap Group award at the 1995 Source Awards, André 3000 of Outkast prophesied the future of hip hop, declaring, "the South got something to say!" His words served as a battlecry for all Southern MC's looking to impact the world of music. Today, 23 years later, the San Marcos based rap collective, PNTHN (pronounced Pantheon), are using those words to fuel their imminent rise to the top.

The 10-man collective is made up of seven rappers, two producers, and a DJ – all from different parts of the Lone Star state. First meeting in San Marcos, PNTHN was nothing more than a group of friends who loved making music together. Their first project, From Disorder…, released in Sept. 2017, was a noteworthy introduction into PNTHN's raw ability to deliver gritty, lyrical raps over Texas trill production. In an interview with ELEVATOR magazine, PNTHN manager,Adam Hamze touched on the group's inspiration, 

"We of course all love music, particularly hip hop, but something that drew us together was our unique appreciation for the Texas sound. That's something we work to pay homage to and recreate."

The project's release, accompanied by several DIY shows around Central Texas, began generating buzz for the newly assembled group. Clearly not short on content, PNTHN released their second project, a six-track EP titled POTLUCK, in Feb. 2018. The EP showcased their untapped potential on songs like "CHUMBUCKET" and "CHROME," where the group flexes their free-flowing continuity.

PNTHN reemerged three months later releasing, "HENNY DREAMS," the first single from their follow up EP, Rico. Visuals for the single would arrive in June, capturing the motley crew as they recreate iconic scenes from cult classics like, Reservoir Dogs, American Psycho and Goodfellas. The video is a great representation of the groups DIY attitude while also exuding the members chemistry and charisma.

Following the PNTHN pattern of short but impactful, their 22-minute EP, RICO, finds the group even more evolved than their previous work. Rico feels like the group's mark in the sand, their declaration to abstain from ever going back to being anything else than impeccable. Constantly growing with each release, PNTHN is showing no signs of fatigue as they continue crafting a sound shadowed in today's current musical landscape. Be sure to keep an eye on the growing juggernaut, PNTHN, as they chart their course for world domination.