NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: Unwind with the Delicate Grooves of R&B’s Newest Sensation, Raveena


Contemporary R&B doesn't get much silkier than what you'll find in Raveena's catalogue. The smooth songstress masterfully floats above neo-soul influenced, laid-back grooves, perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon. Now, her recently released song "Honey" showcases all the reasons we can't get enough of the rising talent, containing an irresistible, soothing rhythm that's beautifully accentuated by her airy vocals.

Raveena's relationship with music began years prior however, around the age of eight when she began listening to legends of soul such as Minnie Ripperton and Sade. She eventually relocated to New York at the age of 17, and promptly set her music career in motion. After searching for a producer to work with for some time, she found what she was looking for when a friend recommended Everett Orr, whose old school R&B influences matched up perfectly with her own. Eventually the two began dating, adding another layer of love to the music created by the combo.

The Indian-American singer traces her roots to South Asia and makes good use of her heritage's traditional instruments in her music, blending dreamy sitars into the production on the aforementioned "Honey." Along with shining a light on her culture, she looks to use her music to promote empowerment and self-love, connecting on a deep level with her listeners and inspiring them on their individual paths of life. The music video for "Honey" focuses on intimate relationships between people of color, as she attempts to uplift them in a way she rarely saw while growing up.

Raveena released her debut EP Shanti in 2017, a compact project that served as an alluring entry point into what she has to offer. "If Only" kicks off the EP with a tranquil cadence; she croons "I sleep better at night / without you around" over the smooth production, singing to a past lover she is urgently trying to let go of.

"I've been meditating, I stopped medicating" she sings on "Sweet Time," describing how she strives to balance out stress and anxiety in healthier, more natural methods. In her personal time, Raveena delves into the worlds of hypnotherapy, reiki and mindfulness, helping her find peace and happiness. Whether or not listeners are as adept in these studies, it's easy to reach that same state of nirvana while listening to songs like "No Better," another feel-good creation that never fails to ease the mind.

Raveena released "I Won't Mind" in February 2018, meant to give a glimpse into her forthcoming project along with "Honey." Her shimmering falsetto elevates the song to ethereal levels, while sincere piano notes create a graceful background behind her vocals. Slower and much more ambient than the latter song, "I Won't Mind" allows Raveena to display her soulful essence without the help of a steady groove, while still keeping the song engaging.

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