New Artist Discovery: We’re Obsessed with the Unapologetically Bold and Eclectic Suzi Wu


London-based newcomer Suzie McDermott, better known as Suzi Wu, is unlike anyone we've heard before. Her sound is honestly difficult to pinpoint, but easy to instantly love. She sports a slight drawl in her half singing, half speaking voice that gives her a carefree delivery, and her production is raw but real–a combination of the rhythm of hip-hop, the catchiness of pop, and the flare of punk. 

With a self-described, inherently blunt personality, Suzi flawlessly channels this characteristic into her music. After performing in choirs in her childhood, Suzi went on to sixth form (something comparable to the end of our American high school system) to study music tech. True to character, she dropped out but enrolled in The Roundhouse's OnTrack program, learning the basics of music production. With newfound skills and a range of instrumentation, Suzi went on to release her debut EP, Teenage Witch.

"Ashes to ashes/Dust to dust/The guys are fuckboys/Girls are sluts." What an opening line for an opening track. This first line of "Teenage Witch," which was released prior to the EP, introduces us to Suzi's world. The track is reflective of her education and musical journey, a unique blend of percussive beats, electric guitar riffs, and pop synths. The track is musically as bold as the lyrics. Suzi realistically details the struggles of the teenage years, questioning, "They tell me this is bliss/Is that what it really is?"

Her following single, "Taken Care Of," builds off of the tone set by "Teenage Witch." The track opens with Suzi commenting, "She asked me who's taking care of me/I said I take care of me." The song comments on the disconnect between children and their parents, exploring the secret, rebellious lives of the youth. "Taken Care Of" was accompanied by a music video that embodies the track's meaning, and Suzi's on-camera demeanor is reflective of her confident voice. The video opens with Suzi - clad in a short metallic, strappy dress - sitting in a small diner, presumably after a night out. The video chronicles the early-morning trek through London back to her house. At the end of the video, she walks through the front door, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. As she begins to undress, and the camera pans away to show her alarm clock ringing at 7:40. Just one minute later, the clock shows 7:41 and a freshly uniform-clad Suzi Wu, no traces of the night before left. The attitude that oozes through Suzi's performance and voice is complimented by the rawness of visual, leaving us mesmerized by her confidence. She moodily sings, "Mama Papa love me/At least that's what they say/Mama Papa love me/I am a beautiful disgrace."

Suzi's honesty and creativity is refreshing, and we're excited to see what she's bringing next. Keep up with the young singer by following her socials below: