NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY: YEBBA Is Undeniably Poised For Major Stardom

With her tender touch, mild-mannered prowess, and deeply rooted soul, Abbey Smith aka YEBBA may have been coming across your computer and iPhone screens for quite some time now. 

She’s mesmerized viewers with covers of great R&B gems like SWV's "Weak" and a joint cover of Britney Spears "Lucky" with NYC based trio Thirdstory, showcasing her unwavered stillness in the art of song. To cap it all off, she’s sung background vocals for the likes of Chance the Rapper, and has been featured on both the last A Tribe Called Quest album and Sam Smith's newest album, The Thrill of It All.

YEBBA's rapid success can be traced back to her Sofar Sounds NYC video nearly one year ago. We dare you to just try and watch this undeniably heartfelt performance without tearing up.

Though there are hundreds and thousands of talented people out in this world, with singing chops rivaling one another, YEBBA's voice & talent have become a beacon, leading listeners to her soul-bearing debut single "Evergreen".

"Evergreen" is a stunning debut, wrapped in harmonies, gospel chord progressions, and tasteful production. The arrangement aids in the songs delivery and soft nature. It’s a true songwriters song. Empty space is tastefully filled with stand out moments and seasoned soul sensibilities. This is all to say YEBBA is refreshingly blessed with a gift she's so boldly sharing on a larger stage, with confidence, radiating joy and humility.