New Band Discovery: Secret Weapons


Secret Weapons have a backstory that's so good, it sounds like it could have been written for the screen by Cameron Crowe. These two literally take "following your dreams" to another level when they worked regular 9-5 jobs during the day (as lawyers, nonetheless), and "secretly" created their music by night.

They decided upon the name "Secret Weapons" since word on the street was kept quiet about their great tunes, until they were discovered by L.A. Reid himself. After they released their hit single "Something New" as a test just a few months prior, the song  received over 1 million hits on Spotify.

Currently, Danny and Gerry have only four songs out with their debut EP and have already played alongside with Panic! At the Disco and Weezer at Lollapalooza. Besides their backstory being supremely rare, it can also be considered pretty rare that a newer band has four out of four stellar songs. Each with great melodies, layered lyrical hooks, and jam-packed with amazing guitar solos–we can't wait until we get a full LP from these guys.

Yes, they are a pop band, but don't get it twisted. They've got you covered all the way from vocals reminiscent of Prince's "I Would Die 4 U" on "Perfect World," to having a hint of gospel influence on "Something New," to power-driven infectious chords on "Power," to the hilarious yet catchy lyric "The way you say 'hello' drives me Konichiwild" on "Konichiwild."

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