New Music Tuesday: Alabama Shakes, Miami Horror, Built To Spill, Squarepusher

Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes


Alabama Shakes do not let down with their thunderous sophomore album out today. An electrifying collection of 12 new songs spiked with the band's love for blues, soul, rock, and funk, Sound & Color is confidant, vibrant, and alive. Brittany Howard's voice, born for the spotlight, muscles its way into the heart of listeners both old and new. You can stream it here and buy it here

All Possible Futures - Miami Horror


The Melbourne chillwave group is back with their second album after a five-year hiatus. Perfect for the poolside, the band is funky at times, and at others revels in drawn-out keys and drums, casting a psychedelic haze over tracks like "Another Rise, Another Fall." Washed Out's Paracosm inevitably comes to mind. You can stream it here and buy it here

Untethered Moon - Built To Spill


Built To Spill's beautifully-christened new album is the band's first in six years. Don't be deceived by its tracks' inconsequential names ("All Our Songs," "Some Other Song," "Another Day," "So"), frontman Doug Martsch's new songs wax poetically poignant across their pleasant, alt-punk horizons. You can stream it here and buy it here

Damogen Furies - Squarepusher


After composing music for robots (Z-Machines), experimental jazz and electronica mastermind Squarepusher has released a new album. The album combines the symphonic touches of a brass section with Tom Jenkinson's flair for digitized, frenetic, abrasive composition. To celebrate the release of his album, Squarepusher is streaming a live set from NYC starting at 4PM PST/7PM EST today, which you can watch here. You can stream the album here and buy it here.