New Music Tuesday: Don't Get Blindsided By The Ambiance

Ryan Hemsworth - Alone For The First Time

Our favorite DJ and producer has released his sophomore album, Alone For The First Time. Inspired by his reaction to technology, evocative cinematic elements not typical of your usual electronic album pop up frequently throughout, a classic case of Hemsworth. You can stream it here and buy it here.  

Dirty Beaches - Stateless

Alex Zhang Hungtai is the master of transit, draping his nomadic trails over the world across his musical catalog. What we hear is a form of his inner monologue, in the form of drifting, ambient soundscapes, sometimes relaxing, sometimes quietly disturbing. Hungtai’s latest and last album as Dirty Beaches is titled Stateless, a title befitting of its creators’ sense of place. Hear a song below and buy it here

Deptford Goth - Songs 

Daniel Woolhouse’s newest album as Deptford Goth approaches like a vision from the mist, like a full-blown ship where there once was fog. Using sparse beats, softly pattering drums and claps, and looping vocals at minimum volumes, Woolhouse connects loose elements of R&B and 80s-tinged electronica for a product that stands alone, untouched by the other electro-R&B influences of 2014. Stream it here and buy it here.

Arca - Xen

At first glance, Arca may not ring a bell, but odds are you’ve heard Alejandro Ghersi’s musical touch somewhere in the last year. He’s produced for indie darling FKA Twigs and also lent his expertise to Kanye West’s last album Yeezus. A listen to his latest solo release reveals complex matter, the goldmine that one can imagine Kanye picking through to adorn his own statement pieces with. Stream it here and buy it here