New Music Tuesday: Get Out Of Your Drone

Hustle & Drone - Holyland


Electronic trio Hustle & Drone are sending funk-infused electronic goodness your way from their debut album, Holyland, out today. Picture your favorite disco band paying visit to a monastery and turning down a couple notches; it may be slower than your’e used to, but it’s sure as hell going to make you move. It’s not unlikely that fans of the Bee Gees and LCD Soundsystem alike will find themselves nodding along to the grooves of Hustle & Drone. Bandmember Ryan Neighbors departed from Portugal. The Man in 2012 for this group, and these 12 songs prove that it was worth the jump. Stream it below and better yet, buy it on iTunes here.

Sinkane - Mean Love 


Photo: Martine Carlson

Ahmed Gallab is the source of a seamless fusion of world music, an emboldened sound chef who sources from the most secret of exotic locales. At least, that’s what he’d lead you on to believe. Born in Omdurman, Sudan and raised in Ohio, Gallab refers to his musical genre as “Fake Jazz” on Facebook, and it’s probably because while he operates under jazz’s wide-embracing form, Gallab pays tribute to his homeland by heavily incorporating elements of East and West African music into his category. As he professes in his soulful lilt on “Son,” I will not forget where I came from. Stream it at NPR First Listen here

Half Japanese - Overjoyed 


It’s happiness - or bust// happiness, this time for us, announces Jad Fair upon Half Japanese’s return after 13 years. On their new album, Overjoyed, the art punk outfit show up wearing time like it’s just a little old thing they went to go throw on, they’re doing quite good, how about you? For a guy who’s taken the literal to heart throughout his career, Jad is nothing short of self-convincingly honest and crucially positive here, telling you to seize your good vibes and make them stay. So, for your feel good feels, we recommend you give this one a spin. 

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams


Photo: Julia Brokaw

Fourteen years into his career, Ryan Adams is on the brink of releasing his self-titled debut next week. For Adams, the road as a musician-turned-producer has been long and rough (what endless tour cycle isn’t?) but filled with silver linings along the way. Here, you can tell the bumps have slid and refined his sound into something genuine. Adams’ got twang, polish, and if you listen for it carefully, a roadguide to all the wisdoms gleaned from each detour. Stream it at NPR First Listen here