New Music Tuesday: Heems, Brandi Carlile, Purity Ring, Harriet

Eat Pray Thug - Heems


Photo: Shivani Gupta

Former Das Racist member Heems (born Himanshu Suri) is gearing up for the March 10 release of his new album, Eat, Pray, Thug. The play on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir turned blockbuster is likely a kick to Suri’s recent soul-searching journey to Asia. 

Featuring clever political commentary, confessional themes, and a woozy, spiritual collaboration with Dev Hynes, Heems manages to successfully cross the formidable river separating solo artists from their past projects. Take a First Listen via NPR here. 

another eternity - Purity Ring


Photo: Renata Raksha

Indie pop darlings Purity Ring have released another eternity, their much-anticipated followup to their 2012 masterpiece Shrines. Lest anyone forget that Purity Ring were ringleaders at the forefront of electropop’s popularization, here the duo prove they won’t ditching their flagship template of bold synth overtures and elegant, futuristic production anytime soon. Stream track standout “begin again” below. 

The Firewatcher’s Daughter - Brandi Carlile


Photo: David McClister

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile delivers a roaming new album behind which her writing talent shines as quietly and brightly as ever. Carlile’s folk-pop ballads are where she stands out most, and on this album they are are as genuinely hopeful and sad as ever “The Eye” gives us goosebumps like the kind "That Year" gave us). Carlile’s musicality has also notably expanded as a result of touring experience - on this album she’s surrounded herself with a band that helps her dust her soul of its emotions. 

Harriet - Harriet

Ones To Watch favorites Harriet have released their self-titled EP today. From heart tugging driving soundtracks like "Burbank" to their chipper new single “Irish Margaritas” (watch above), Harriet refer to their classic rock, Americana, and 80s alternative influences while not being afraid to pull out a relevant synth-driven chorus here and there. Get their new EP here