New Music Tuesday: My Morning Jacket, Best Coast, Palma Violets, Mumford & Sons

The Waterfall - My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket returns with their seventh album, which is purportedly to be followed by their eighth this year. According to an interview between Jim James and Rolling Stone, the material for these new albums spilled out of James following recent years of heavy touring, which included My Morning Jacket's support stint on Bob Dylan's Americanarama, and James' tour for his 2013 solo album, Regions of Light and Sound of God. Stream it here and purchase it here

California Nights - Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have returned with the third installment in Best Coast's lovingly cultivated history, which over the last few years has come to represent modern West Coast garage pop. It's the most shiny and spectacular album yet in terms of quality of sound; as if the band dug through to the core of its music and held on tight while shaking off all the loose sand. Stream it here and purchase it here

Danger In The Club - Palma Violets

The rambunctious lads who were discovered at 180 club just three years ago are back with their second album. Danger In The Club is pure post-punk joy, filled with anthemic choruses that were meant to shout along with your friends while drinking. Stream it here and purchase it here

Wilder Mind - Mumford & Sons

Marcus Mumford and company finally land with their highly hyped electric album. Trading in their acoustic guitars and banjos for a rock 'n' roll setup, we are taken in and convinced that yes, the band is capable of greatness on whichever end of the rock spectrum they choose to inhabit. Stream it here and purchase it here