New Music Tuesday: OK GO, Milky Chance, Stars, & Horse Feathers

Hungry Ghosts - Ok Go 

Over the last decade, Ok Go have turned themselves into a household name with their homemade indie pop music videos involving optical illusions and treadmills. While the quartet have shown no signs of stopping their creative juices from flowing free with their new music videos, we’re more intrigued by the turn their music has taken, specifically regarding the very evident New Wave vibe here. Stream their latest album here and buy it here

Sadnecessary - Milky Chance

The German duo Milky Chance prove they’re more than just one-hit electro-folk wonders with their debut record, out today. Combining deep pop hooks with elements of folk and reggae, the record gets away with the necessary sad lyrical content when factoring in Clemens Rehbein’s singular drawl, which is the strangest yet coolest thing we’ve heard in a while. Stream their new album here and buy it here

No One Is Lost - Stars

Canadian pop outfit has returned to the fray with its latest heart sacrifice. Never ones to dance around their emotions or not cut straight to the chase, Stars’ latest is a bit sparser and a bit older than the darkly romantic narratives we’re used to (although you can still count on random British recordings in the song interludes). And by older, we mean embraces the disco head-on, from album artwork to songs like their latest single “From The Night.” Stream it here and buy it here. 

Favorite line “I call it poetry, I call it a pop hook.” 

So It Is With Us - Horse Feathers

For your alternative folk fix, we suggest you put on Horse Feathers’ fifth record on repeat today. Regardless of the fact that he could probably be a voice double for Ray LaMontaigne, Justin Ringle is not short of his own arranging talents. You can stream it here.