New Music Tuesday: Old Returns To New

Interpol - El Pintor 

The down and dapper New York alt-rock outfit are back following a four-year hiatus, a break that, from the sounds of it, has done wonders for the group. Interpol’s latest and fifth studio effort, El Pintor, is ostensibly gilded in slickness and confidence, a sign of aging that comes with doing the whole U2 in Europe tour thing. Over lengthy periods of saturnine guitar-strumming, Interpol creates expansive orbits catering to theoretically arena-sized attention spans. Whether there’s substance and hold within this tentative space remains to be seen. 

The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

The Canadian power posse has emanated several tethers of solo success in recent years, with A.C. Newman, Neko Case, and Dan Bejar (Destroyer) all finding higher and higher footholds to climb in their solo careers. However; their solo success is nothing if not a reinforcement of the hopefulness of this new record. Lest we not forget that there is more to Canadian musical exports than Arcade Fire. 

The Kooks - Listen

A new The Kooks record is on the horizon, and having listened to it, let us give fair warning that it’s a loud, helium-filled balloon of disco and pop-friendly jargon. Which, depending on where you’re looking at it from, is either a continuation of The Kook’s handy form, or brimming over with new potential. Contrasted with the sunny, barebones approach of Inside In/Inside Out - this is definitely a step into the trendy electronica-leaning void, while retaining the imminently confessional cheeriness at the band’s heart. Curious listeners can preview the album over hereListen is out on Tuesday, Sept 9.