New Single Release | CLARA-NOVA

CLARA-NOVA is just kicking off her career, and from the looks of it, this is just the beginning. The CLARA-NOVA project’s creator, Sydney Wayser, gives listeners a glimpse into her imaginative, colorful world. She initially sparked the idea and concept for the project from a dream that she had about it; evidently, dreams came true for her. The Los Angeles native draws influence from a variety of incredible artists such as John Lennon and Jeff Buckley. Coming back with her official debut single, “The Illusionist”, CLARA-NOVA has not released material since her debut EP, The Bronze Age, was released two years ago. This well-crafted EP features a mix of beautifully dark yet blissfully emotional undertones in it’s three tracks including the song “Badlands”. After putting out the video for “The Illusionist” this week, CLARA-NOVA is officially on our radar and should be on yours too.

Releasing “The Illusionist”, the first single off her upcoming EP, The Iron Age, last month, the song draws it’s listeners from the first sound of it’s euphorically synthesized beat feature bass-inflused snare drums and haunting low-pitched keys. The song progresses into an electrifying chorus that sounds so familiar yet so unique. Wayer’s one-of-a-kind style of harmonizing and vocal production aids the track’s balance of playful yet dark undertones. The lyrics dive into a lover who deems too good to be true, as she repeats "you're just an illusion", until she "saw [him] disappear". The song transforms into a faster, more upbeat groove towards the end of the song as she rejoices:

           The glitter is falling over the alleys again

           And we are celebrating all the things we were and the things we heard

The music video accommodates the song with a beautiful, cinematic aesthetic focusing on a female dancer in a glass cube surrounded by dark, glimmering city lights. The dancer begins covered in a mysterious red-robe, using it as a prop for her dance party of one. The talented performer twirls around the cube incorporating just about every dance move imaginable while maintaining the grace and emotion simultaneous to the song. The video, directed by Mimi Cave, captures just about every angle of the cube, perfecting the spots with darkness and little light. There concept for this video in relation to the song is unbeatable, it’s definitely worth a watch!

Keep an eye out for more new CLARA-NOVA music and her upcoming EP, enjoy!